Sip Sip Hooray

May 3, 2024 | CC Loves, Store News

new at Consign couture: drinks & snacks!

If you know Consign Couture founder Tamara, you may know that she believes a fancy beverage is one of life’s simple luxuries and greatest pleasures.

Thus, the latest addition to the front of the shop represents something of a dream come true: a fridge with a selection of beverages for sale, from kombuchas to lemonades, iced coffees, matcha lattes and sparkling waters. A collection of low-sugar, non-alcoholic drinks that are not just able to keep you well-hydrated, but that (we hope) can add a special moment and simple luxury to your day! 

Culinary couture, if you will (ha, ha!)

Accompanying our cooler of drinks is a selection of snacks. Our show-stopper this month is the prickly pear caramel popcorn by Popped Artisan Popcorn, but honorable mention has to go to the Hey Champ Miso Caramel Bar, chosen in honor of beloved (former) shop dog, Miso*.  The Hey Champ Miso bar wasn’t just selected for its name, though, it’s the most luxurious snickers/milky way bar you’ll come across! 

Both the drinks and snacks will rotate, so there will be plenty of opportunities to try emerging brands, new products, and special flavors. We hope you will have as much fun with this as we do, and that you will take a moment to celebrate and appreciate life’s little luxuries- whatever your favorites may be! 

*Miso has stepped away from shop-dog life to get to know his new (canine) sister Zoey, but pops by the shop from time to time just to make sure everything is running smoothly.