Slow Gifting Ideas

Nov 19, 2023 | Uncategorized

What is slow gifting?

“Slow gifting” is the practice of choosing gifts thoughtfully and with intention. It can involve shopping from small businesses, buying gifts secondhand, making gifts yourself, or giving experiences instead of “things” (and more!). It involves giving gifts that the recipient will use and enjoy, not just what is most convenient or given out of obligation. 

A slow gifting mindset is often less wasteful and more thoughtful than  traditional models of shopping for gifts that are often driven by consumerism. Slow gifting means maximizing the positive impact of your gift on the recipient and community, and minimizing the negative impact on the earth!

Slow gifting CAN involve shopping from chain stores, if you are buying something the recipient needs/wants or will use for a long time to come. The key is being thoughtful about what you give and how!

A slow gifting mindset can be more challenging and time consuming than a traditional model of holiday shopping. The key is to start early! To make it a little easier, we are sharing our favorite strategies and ideas below.

Slow gift ideas:

Experiences: tickets for concerts, sporting events and other events, museum memberships, short trips/hotel stays. Art or craft classes, music lessons, factory tours, mini-golfing, etc.

Subsciptions to magazines, streaming platforms, patreon pages…

– Items that are consumable (and won’t end up as clutter!) Fun snacks, jams, sweets, or beverages. Candles, soaps or lotions. 

DIY ideas: infused liquors, homemade jam or applesauce, sourdough starters… 

Natural items like plants, seeds, or fruit trees…

-Items that were purchased secondhand (or gift cards to secondhand stores!).Pair some vintage glassware alongside a bottle of the recipient’s favorite beverage for a fun hostess gift. Or snag a secondhand book and pair it with some hot cocoa mix or a bar of great chocolate. Find secondhand pajamas, clothing, or accessories and have them personalized for the recipient (we love Alex from Soothe Folk for custom embroidery!) 

Secondhand isn’t just for clothing! Check our secondhand stores for cool books, housewares, games, posters, magazines, playing cards or memorabilia. 

(note- “secondhand” doesn’t have to mean very used or dirty! many thrift, consignnment and other resale shops have items that are new with tags!) 

Do you have other ideas for slow gifting? Seend us a DM on Instagram to let us know!