Closet Cleanouts

A woman smiling in her closet

How amazing would it be to open your closet and feel inspired to get dressed?

What if everything fit you NOW and you knew how to style everything so you always looked and felt your best?

That is the goal of having an organized closet - but it can be a daunting task to do alone. Enter Consign Couture! We can send a professional organizer and stylist to help you decide what to keep, what to get rid of (and sell), and what you may still need to pull it all together.


  • You can BOOK NOW or CONTACT US to determine if our store is the right fit for you and your clothing, handbags, and shoes. We will reply by email or phone within 48 hours. We may request photos to make sure we are the right store for you - and in the event we are not, we often refer cleanout requests to personal stylists and professional organizers we love!
  • At the agreed upon date and time of the clean out appointment, our stylist will meet you in your home and work with you to see what clothes and accessories should stay in your closet and what no longer serves you. We will also make recommendations on pieces you should add to your wardrobe so you never again stand in front of your closet thinking, "I have nothing to wear." We work in Lake Oswego, West Linn, and throughout the general Portland area. A closet cleanout is $400 for 4 hours (+$50/hour if longer is needed).
  • Once the clean out is complete, we will take your unwanted items that we can sell in our store and you will be sent a personal online inventory link. And then you make $! (Payment and your consignment split details vary and will be determined at the time of the closet cleanout).
  • Your closet cleanout also includes an in-store personal styling session. This is an incredible opportunity to bring in a piece or two from your closet that you don't know how to style and see different options that could work for you. You can also just bring yourself and let our stylist put you in outfits that are perfect for your body type and highlight the best you.



"Consign Couture's closet clean out made me feel 100x lighter! I thought that my closet was pretty organized, but I realized through the process that I was holding onto things that weren't serving me or my body. I also had some things that I loved but that weren't displayed well so I'd always forget about them when I was getting dressed for the day. She totally transformed the space and now I feel like I have my own little shop when I walk into my closet and it's so much easier to put together outfits that make me feel like a million bucks but don't actually cost me anything. I have used Consign Couture as a clothing library for the last year and this experience made me even more excited to swap things out as my lifestyle is always evolving. The whole experience was such a treat and it went so smoothly, plus it was a blast!"
  - Jenny Isailovski
   Clean beauty advocate and marketing consultant

"I was delighted to have Tamara Young, owner of Consign Couture, help me edit my closet, or should I say two closets! In only about 2 hours, Tamara and I were able to reduce, organize, and create an aesthetically pleasing space. We removed the mishmash of things that were in disrepair and replaced them with matching bins for additional storage. In the end, I was able to consign some items and donate others, which also felt good. It's obvious that Tamara knows how to do this. The experience keeps me mindful of continuing the process as I add new things to my wardrobe."

 - Sherri Merrill
   Senior supply chain manager, Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc.

"My closet cleanout experience with Tamara was nothing short of amazing and quite honestly... life-changing. I am a busy mom of 3 boys, small business owner, and realtor. When Tamara got ahold of my closet, I was just transitioning from stay-at-home mom life to working professional. She helped me sort, organize, and purge. I never has thought about my closet as a 'happy place' or my clothing as an extension of my best self. Her insight, experience, personal style, and honesty helped me to let go of STUFF that wasn't serving me. Tamara taught me ways to style clothing I loved and showed me easy items to incorporate that could carry over from my on-the-go mom life to professional meetings. I can't recommend Tamara and her closet cleanouts enough! I definitely consider this an amazing form of self care!"

- Megan Franco
   Owner, FOXO3 Sauna + Wellness
   Licensed realtor, Knipe Realty