Nell Bostwick, ComeUnityPDX

Jul 30, 2023 | Community, Multnomah Village

Nell Bostwick - ComeUnityPDX

Nell Bostwick, ComeunityPDX

We are so grateful for the community we have found in Multnomah Village. Not just our customers and consignors, but the businesses that surround us and the people behind them. In this series on the blog, we will be introducing you to some of the people responsible for building, maintaining, and celebrating this special community. 

ComeUnityPdx, located in Multnomah Village a block above Consign Couture, is not your average boutique. This space is all at once a shop, a gallery showing off prints and work by featured artists, and an event space.  Not only can you find tees, stickers, pins and more celebrating Multmomah Village, Portland, and Oregon Pride with humor and style (not to mention beautiful pieces by local artists and craftspeople), but the shop supports the community in a very tangible way, too: 20% of sales support local organizations doing good.

We are so lucky to have Nell Bostwick, owner and founder of @comeunitypdx as a neighbor and a champion of our community, and are equally pleased to feature her on the blog today.

What is your name, and what do you do in life?  Tell us about yourself!

HI I’m Nell Bostwick, owner, founder, creator of ComeUnityPDX, business woman, boss lady, community leader, mom to 2 kids and 2 dogs, youth sport advocate !! … 

Where are you from, and how did you end up in Portland? Tell us about your experience opening ComeUnityPDX.  How did you get started, and what made you want to open a shop like this? 

I’m what you might call a corporate refugee. I come from 25 years in corporate retail. But being SUPER disenchanted with that world, I really wanted my next chapter to be something that was more of a benefit to the community. so pre-covid the concept of ComeUnityPDX was created ( slightly different than what it is now) with a slight pivot, in Dec of 2020 ,I opened in the little spot on Troy and the ComeUnityPDX as it is now was born!!! . Figuring if I could survive opening retail in such a crazy time, there was hope for my concept.

What brought you to Multnomah Village?

 I grew up in this area, by Johns Landing and had fond memories of growing up, eating at Fat City in the 80’s … I have continued to love the charm of the village, and know it’s not like anywhere else in PDX. after moving back home in 2013 from an extending stay in SF ( college + corporate life ) we were lucky to land back in my favorite hood !!  

What inspires you? Where do you look for inspiration? 

My community, nature, family and honesty …Im pretty straight forward, no BS, but with a lot of love sort of person and that is what is reflected in my shop

What is something you are proud to bring to our community? 

 A continued sense of pride, its strong here already but with fun stickers and cool tees you can be loud about it. Also i’m a connector. I love to bring folks together – I love first Fridays and all of our events. I love giving back to the community so that’s why donating back is part of the ethos of the brand. [ComeUnityPDX donates 20% of the proceeds of every sale to local organizations!) 

What are your favorite summer spots in Portland?

 When I’m not in my shop, I’m on the water paddling (Willamette narrows) or in nature (Washington Park)  or at a sport event for my super active kids.

Can you share a favorite summer recipe with us?  

Jalapeno vodka (homemade) with soda, fresh lime and fresh pineapple – lots of ice !!! 

What are your top tips for summer entertaining?

Always have good music, good drinks and comfy seating!

You’re making a Portland “must see” list: what’s on it? 

Multnomah village !!! The Rose gardens, and Washington park. Out of town? the beach!!!! Waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge and Trillium Lake 

The best thing you’ve watched/read/listened to lately? 

Watched: The last season of Ted Lasso

Read:  The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah (from Annie Bloom’s Books!

Something you’ve learned recently?

To be kinder to myself. 

A simple luxury that you enjoy?

A pedicure.

ComeUnitypdx is located at 3536 SW Troy Street B in Portland. Shop online or follow @comeunitypdx