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Wed. - Sat. 11am-4pm


252 B Avenue | Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034

252 B Avenue | Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034

Wed. - Sat. 11am-4pm


Want To Be a Consign Couture UP Fashion Ambassador?


What Are We Looking For: 

Are you active in social media? 

Do you have an interest in clothing & styling? 

Do you have a small bio as to why you would represent our local boutique well to other UP students? 

Would you be willing to post 2 times weekly wearing clothing from consign couture and tagging our store on Instagram and Facebook?

Do you have a creative collaborative approach to projects?

Do you have a solution based attitude? 

If chosen you will receive:

Store credit monthly allowance

A standing % off all items in the shop 

How to apply: 

Thank you!