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  • Fall Favorites

    This past week I was so excited to photo new arrivals because Portland is so beautiful when it first turns fall. I called on 2 of my most favorite shop beauties. Its such an honor to know a stylist as talented as Karen who's willing and excited to help me our make pretty photos no matter what the job is. Karen works as a stylist and creative director at Studio Luxe in The Pearl . We've worked together on photoshoots for at least the past 8-9 years creating for own individual business endeavors together and always sit back together usually on a couch while smiling, laughing and trying to plan the next thing we want to do together. 

    Dani is a friend who will always be a part of my store in some capacity. She is at an amazing place in her career forecasting trends for a major footwear company.  She has shown up more times than I can count to help model, style, list things online and so much more. She loves to support other women follow their passion.

    The following photos is the result of 3 friends getting together in the pouring rain to create something.  Outfit details at the bottom. 

    IMG_0417 (1).jpg
    IMG_0419 (1).jpg
    IMG_0420 (1).jpg
    IMG_0480 (1).jpg
    IMG_0513 (1).jpg
    IMG_0518 (1).jpg
    IMG_0527 (1).jpg
    IMG_0575 (1).jpg
    IMG_0587 (1).jpg
    IMG_0593 (1).jpg
    IMG_0595 (1).jpg
    IMG_0669 (1).jpg
    IMG_0688 (1).jpg
    IMG_0710 (1).jpg
    IMG_0759 (1).jpg
    IMG_0767 (1).jpg
    IMG_0797 (1).jpg
    IMG_0799 (1).jpg
    IMG_0813 (1).jpg
    IMG_0837 (1).jpg
    IMG_0767 (1).jpg
    IMG_0797 (1).jpg
    IMG_0799 (1).jpg
    IMG_0862 (1).jpg

    Hair: Karen Miles | Studio Luxe

    Outfit 1: Dress by J. Peterman Company (14), Black Booties by Target (9.5)

    Outfit 2: Coat by J. Crew (M), Dress by Baraschi (6) Boots by Sam Edelman (9.5) Necklace by Chapter

    Outfit 3: Lace Top by Lucky Brand (XL), Denim by Seven 4 All Mankind (27), Booties by Von Dutch (10) and necklace by Chapter. 

    Clothing all found at Consign Couture

  • Fall Looks At The Society Hotel

    I don't know why I don't hang out at this hotel every Sunday and shoot new looks. Maybe I will. Every single day I get asked what are we looking for? I worked with a blogger and Megan Nanna to create a 5 best fall looks of what we are looking for. Megan was the photographer who freelances for Willamette Week. SHE DID SUCH A GREAT JOB! The Society Hotel in Chinatown is one of my most favorite places in Portland now. I've seen it transition from an old abandoned building 2 years ago to what it is now. A destination place in Portland where the staff all feels like family.

    Here are some ideas of what we are looking for. 

    Top Things we are looking for:

    Ath-leisure, Sunglasses & athletic shoes. 

    Black on Black, Tops, skinny jeggings, denim, leggings. 

    Tops, Skinny/Straight denim, Boots & all coats. 

    Holiday Dresses, heels, velvet, long gowns .

    Going out: boots, rompers, pantsuits, handbags, backpacks.

    Location: The Society Hotel

    Photographer: Megan Nanna

    Model: Katie Cockerill

    Clothing: Consign Couture

    Jewelry: Hana Designs BY Ayumi Angel

  • Apology to My Ladies Who Wear Above a Size 10


    I've wanted to send a note to you gals for some time. If you've looked at (or followed) my marketing and social media there would be some months where you may wonder if we even carry things things above a size 10. I want to assure you that WE DO. The social media, photography and styling part of my job is something i am grateful I GET TO do every day. I use models that live right by the shop and or friends that I've worked with for years that I can pay in coffee, hugs or just getting photos of themselves. That's what's worked for me.  Jade who is in this photo and a TON of my instagram pictures has been a friend of mine now for almost 4 years, in her early 20's, we have amazing photo-styling chemistry (she helps me get the job done quick!) and she's a size 0/2. A lot of the dresses she models in size 4, 6, 8 are clipped in the back to look better in the picture.  She is so fun to take photos of but she is also a tiny person who looks good in everything!

    Consign Couture usually has a great selection of size 10, 12 and 14  (16-18+ can be spotty). In 2015 I used a few models who fit the above a size 10 category but I have run into a few issues: they didn't want their size listed in the post (I totally respect that but its hard to promote clothing if i can't list the size) and or their availability when I usually shoot new arrivals (Tuesdays & Saturday 11-4pm) was tough to schedule.  I am going to work on incorporating more size 10+ models in 2016 but for now trust me we do have you covered in the shop! I care very much about creating a visual story of different shapes, sizes, ages and colors of the women who keep me doing what I love.

    Currently we have some of the best XL, 14, 16 little black dresses we've ever had in. By Anthropologie, Karen Kane, French Connection, Vince Camuto and Eliza J. We have some amazing shirts, sweaters and coats as well. 

    I'm working on improving this part of my business visual story.  If you know any ladies who love modeling quick outfit posts that are above a size 10 send them this post and I'd love to meet them in the coming months.