All Things Denim

By Nancy Despain

Denim has been growing in popularity and its place in fashion has exploded. What was once seen as casual, off-hours attire is now totally acceptable in most places life takes you. Let's chat for a minute about the denim craze and what it means for us right now.

I have my eye on higher-waist lines, wider legs, cropped styles.
Cropped kick flare, wide leg, bell bottom, and straight cuts are what I am seeing as the most flattering for most body types.

Three points to think about when trying on modern cuts of denim, as creating a sleek, flattering silhouette is what your after:

1. If you are petite or have a short torso, try a mid-rise denim, rather than a high rise. A great tip is to tuck in your blouse to show your beautiful shape and your waist. Not comfortable with a full tuck? Try a half or quarter tuck.

2. Think about showing off some ankle with a cropped length. This is a great way to flash those fabulous booties. The length of your cropped denim is essential if you are petite or have shorter legs. The good news is that you can easily have your jeans altered to fit your height perfectly. Either by a seamstress for a finished hem; or, do it yourself and cut them for a cool undone hemmed look. The perfect length for crops depends on the person but I generally look for hemlines to stop just above the ankle bone. It's all about creating a visual pathway that is flattering. Think about not cutting off your body at the ankle or the waist, and creating a long lean line.

Right now, Consign Couture is stocked with modern, of-the-moment cuts of denim in most sizes. One huge advantage to purchasing your designer denim on consignment is the price tag. With many designers charging upwards of $250 for new denim, buying from consignment just makes good sense. At the sho,p you will find the designer denim you crave at prices that are kind to your budget.

Some of my go to favorites:
• Good American Denim: If you are curvy these are your BFF. They specialize in being size-inclusive and stock 00 through size 24.
• Levis: Small framed, short waisted girls.
• Madewell: Good clean cut denim in modern styles.
• Everlane: Denim for everybody. Check out the rigid fabric and the retail price point is sweet.
• Paige: Offers petites and I love the no nonsense rinses they offer. Great for those of us who want good clean denim with no fuss.

Consign Couture is here to help, so make a free styling appointment to get fitted for denim that works for your body, lifestyle, and bank account.