A Great British Brand

Jun 20, 2023 | Fashion Stories

The story of Burberry

Drizzly days are ahead in Portland, and who knows how to dress for inclement weather better than the British?

This week we’re highlighting Burberry, an iconic English brand with an exceptional history. After all, what other fashion house can say their apparel was worn on some of the greatest expeditions of the 20th century, including three of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s antarctic voyages?

Burberry founder, clothing and sportswear salesman Thomas Burberry, revolutionized the outdoor apparel industry when he invented gabardine, a waterproof, tightly woven cotton fabric.

But that’s not his only contribution to the fashion world- In 1900, The British War Office commissioned Burberry to design practical outerwear for British soldiers. The result? The trench coat. Trench coats were widely used by British soldiers during the First World War and became a fashion staple for civilians soon after.

We have a wide selection of Burberry pieces in the stores now, from sneakers and scarves to stiletto heels, bags of all shapes and sizes and even a vintage umbrella. Scroll to see some of our favorite pieces, and follow along on instagram this week for more!